May 2010 Newsletter

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In mid April 2010, a copy of an excellent publication by the American Association of Endodontists entitled Endodontics: Colleagues for Excellence was mailed to each member of the American Dental Association.  This Spring 2010 issue of the newsletter included superb instruction with excellent images describing proper access preparation and identification of the orifice of root […]

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April 2010 Newsletter

One of the greatest challenges and opportunities we face in dentistry is ensuring that the treatment we render is based on principles derived from the best available evidence to promote optimal outcomes for our patients.  Sorting through mounds of new information to find clinically relevant principles can be truly daunting.  As an endodontist in your […]

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AAE Dx Terminology

Happy New Year! For several decades, diagnostic terminology used in endodontics has varied widely with numerous diagnostic terms promulgated by different educational institutions. Lack of standardization of diagnostic terms creates difficulty and confusion when communicating with colleagues and patients regarding endodontic conditions. Many diagnostic terms currently in use are histologically-based even though poor correlation exists […]

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