The Best Value for the Best Treatment Options

Treatment fees vary depending on which tooth is affected and what treatment is necessary.  In most cases, root canal treatment and proper restoration of your natural tooth is less expensive than alternatives that remove the diseased tooth and replace it with an artificial tooth.  Preserving your natural tooth usually takes less time, results in fewer complications, and looks more natural compared to alternative treatment options.  Nothing looks, feels, or functions quite like your natural tooth.

Financing Options

For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Alternatively, we offer Care Credit Financing® which can be used at other dental and medical offices that also accept Care Credit.  To apply for Care Credit Financing®, please click here. Payment in full is due at the time services are rendered unless other written arrangements are made in advance.

Please call our office if you would like more specific information about your particular situation.  Using information provided by your referring dentist, we can usually give you a good estimate of the cost of your treatment.

More Successful Treatment Outcomes

As a board certified specialist in endodontics, root canal and related surgical procedures is all Dr. Gibby does. Because of this specialization and experience, you significantly increase the chances of a successful outcomes and typically will save money in the long run. Some people may mistakenly believe that seeing a specialist will be more expensive – this is simply not the case in many situations. Get it done once, get it done right, and many times it will be a very similar cost.

Concerns About Cost

What if I don't want or need treatment?

Most dental insurance companies cover the cost of your examination but even if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t let cost get in the way of finding out the best treatment options for your needs. We will take the time necessary to properly diagnose your problem to ensure that root canal therapy is the appropriate treatment to correct your particular problem. The low cost of the examination pales in comparison to the cost incurred in allowing someone to treat the wrong tooth or do a root canal when a different option would have been sufficient. Trust us, we see it all the time!

I've Heard that Root Canal Treatment Is Very Expensive

Actually, the combined cost to preserve your natural tooth through root canal treatment, a filling, and a crown is usually less than the cost of most other treatment options.  Preserving your natural tooth almost always costs less than replacing that tooth with a bridge or dental implant. Plus, you get to keep your tooth!

It Costs Too Much to See a Specialist

Specialized treatments can actually often save you money.  Successful healing occurs more often when endodontists perform root canal treatment, saving you the cost of additional procedures in the future.  Also, treatment by a specialist is usually more efficient, so you will likely spend less time and have fewer visits.